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Scouts go to "War"

Posted by JonC on June 16, 2014

Cubs and Scouts from 1st Hensingham had a great day out with the rest of the District at IWM-North in Salford.

After a slightly delayed start (Jon's fault and, yes, he's very sorry) 8 of our Cubs and Scouts took two of our leaders and a couple of parents for a day out to Salford at the Imperial War Museum North.  We weren't on our own though - we travelled down with Beavers and Cubs from 3rd Cleator Moor and met up with other Scouts from the District when we arrived.

We all had a great day looking round the exhibitions, there were some disgusted faces at the smells caused by trench foot and everyone agreed that the Harrier jumpjet was the coolest thing on display.  But it wasn't just the big "toys" that got our attentions - some of the smaller artifacts, like letters home and medals, also struck home. 

After a good look round and a chance to watch the Horrible Histories Rotten Rationing big-screen presentaiton we went up to the top of the museum for a look out over Salford from the viewing shard, where we also invested our newest Cub.  For some reason most of our Scouts decided the stairs were a better option than the lift (I think some were having second thoughts half-way up, the leaders certianly were)! 

With a bit of time before we got back on the coaches, and some glorious sunshine we went for wander into Media City - it's hard to know who was more excited about finding a Tardis and some Daleks, Eddie or the Cubs and Scouts!

A big thank you to Kim (our DC) for organising the trip, and to the Cubs and Scouts for a great day out!

Check out some photos from the day here.

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