Frequently Asked Questions

Moving on to the next section

The section of FAQs is aimed for members moving between sections.


When will I move on to the next section?

Your section leader will talk to you when its time for you to move to the next section.  For Beavers, this will normally be around your eighth birthday, as you're approaching ten-and-a-half for Cubs, and around your fourteenth birthday for Scouts.  However, there is some flexibility about exactly when you move.  If we think you're ready to move a bit early or would benefit from staying in your current section a little longer, we'll discuss this with you.  


What happens when I move on?

When you're ready to move on, your current section leader will let the leaders in your new section know.  They'll get in touch with you to confirm which night you're able to attend. Your new leaders might come to one of your current section meetings so they can answer any questions you might have about your new section.

For a few weeks, you'll attend meetings of both your current section and your new section (if these clash then you might be able to alternate or, if you're happy you can just switch over).  This is what we call "transition" and it will allow you to try out your new section whilst still having the comfort of your existing section.

During these transition weeks, you'll find out about your new section and their traditions and ceremonies.  Once you're ready (normally after 4-6 weeks), you'll attend your last meeting with your old section and get invested into your new section and be presented with your Moving On Award.


Do I have to move on?

Ultimately the answer is yes!  It's natural to be a little bit nervous about moving to a new section, but you should talk to your current or new section leader if you've got any specific concerns.  


I haven't quite completed my Chief Scout's Award, will I still be able to finish it?

Yes!  If you've not quite completed your Chief Scout's Award when you move on, you've got 6 months to finish it when you move to your new section. 


What happens if there aren't any spaces for me to move up?

Our section leaders regularly talk about who's likely to be moving up from within the Group, and when, to try and ensure that we have places available.  If there are no spaces in the next section, or other commitments mean that you're not able to attend on a night when there are places available, we'll put you on a waiting list or help you move to another group. 

If a waiting list is in operation for a section, priority for places will be given to members moving up from within 1st Hensingham. 


Can I move to a different Group?

Although we'll be sad to see you go the answer is, of course, yes!  We understand that there are lots of reasons you might want to move Group - perhaps because you've moved home and want to join a Group that's closer to you, or because you want to go to the same Group as certain friends, or because the meeting day/time of your new section clashes with another activity - we'll do our best to make the move to your new Group as simple as possible.  If they use OSM, we can transfer your records to them (if you give us your permission to do so).  If you are leaving us, we'd appreciate honest feedback on the reasons why; if there's something that we could be doing better we want to know so we can improve the experience for our remaining members.


Can I move to 1st Hensingham from another Group ?

Providing we have space in the section you want to join, yes!  However, we would encourage you to talk to your current Group about why you want to move to us.


What should I wear whilst I'm in transition to my new section?

Initially you should wear your current uniform.  During your transition period, your new section leader will talk to you about ordering your new uniform.  Once you've got your new uniform, you should wear that when you go to meetings for your new section. 


Which badges do I move to my new uniform?

Please don’t move any badges until you’ve been invested and made your Promise in your new section! 

Once you’ve made your Promise, these badges can all move to your new uniform:

  • the World Membership Badge (the purple & silver round one worn on the left breast),
  • the Group name tape (worn at the top of your right sleeve),
  • the County and District badges (worn under the Group name tape),
  • the highest joining in award that you’ve earned in your old section (the little square badge with a numbered star worn above the World Membership Badge),
  • the highest level of each staged badge that you've earned. (The staged activity badges are the round, turquoise badges with a dark blue border worn on the left sleeve; e.g. nights away, musician, emergency aid.)

If you’re moving to Cubs from Beavers, then you can wear your Chief Scout’s Bronze on your Cub uniform until you earn your Silver Award.  If you’re moving to Scouts, then you can wear your Chief Scout’s Silver Award on your Scout uniform until you earn your Gold Award.


What do I do with all my other badges?

That’s entirely up to you!  Some people put them on a badge blanket that you can bring to camp.  (What goes on a badge blanket is entirely up to you but it gives you a place to show off all your old Beaver/Cub/Scout badges, badges from special events, campsites or places we visit, and any other badges that you might collect!)  We've also seen people turn their old uniforms into cushions or even teddy bears with all their badges on.

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