Frequently Asked Questions

Safety & safeguarding

Is Scouts safe?

We think so.  Our adult volunteers work hard to manage the risks and hazards associated with our programme so that our youth members can stretch themselves and step outside their comfort zone safely.

We are governed by the Policy Organisation and Rules of The Scouts.  These include rules covering child protection and the running of specific activities.

All of our leaders have undergone a Disclosure and Barring Service check and most of our leaders hold a “first response” first aid certificate or a higher qualification.  For adventurous activities, Scouting operates a permit scheme to make sure that only leaders with appropriate training and experience can run certain activities.

Although we try to manage the risks to make our activities as safe as practicable, some of our activities carry an inherent element of risk (for example we couldn't go kayaking without going near water).  This is part of what makes them fun and adventurous, and whilst we try to ensure that the risks are controlled as best as we can, we can never totally remove them.

If you have any questions about the safety precautions associated with an activity or about our child protection policies, then please speak to a leader.

You can find more information about safeguarding in Scouting from The Scouts national website here.


I'm worried about bullying

We have a zero tolerance attitude to bullying.  If you are being bullied, please speak to your section leader as soon as possible.  If you wish to raise your concerns further, please follow the guidance on the Problems and Complaints FAQ page.


Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks 

How do I get a DBS check for Scouting?

The DBS check process is now managed online. To get started you'll need to complete an adult information form, ask your section leader for a paper copy. (You can also download the form from The Scouts website here.)

Return the completed form to your child's section leader or the Group Scout Leader and we'll register you on The Scouts' adult membership system (Compass) and start the disclosure application process.  Please note that the disclosure application process is managed through a separate system provided by The Scouts HQ called Atlantic Data. 

As part of the DBS process you will need to provide documents to prove your identity, the best time to do this is when you return your Adult Information form.  You'll need to show your to a member of the leadership team who will complete an ID verification form.  You need to provide 3 separate pieces of ID, one of which must confirm your date of birth, and one of which must confirm your current address.  The documents must be originals.

Once the ID verification step has been completed, you'll receive an email which will allow you to log in to Atlantic Data to complete the DBS check.  You'll be asked to confirm/provide:

  • Your full name, and any other names that you may have had in the past

  • Details of addresses where you have lived during the past five years

  • Your date and place of birth

  • Your national insurance number


How long does the DBS check take?

Once you've submitted your final application it normally takes 2-8 weeks for the process to complete, although it can take longer at busy times of the year. You will receive a copy of your disclosure certificate in the post.

Please note: if you have something on your criminal record, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t help us, but you should be aware that the clearance process may take slightly longer.


How long does my Scouting DBS check last?

Your DBS check is valid for 5 years, providing you and/or your child remain actively involved in Scouting.


How do I renew a DBS check for Scouting?

You'll receive automated emails from Scouts HQ 90, 60 and 30 days before your DBS is due to expire.  We get notified too so one of the leadership team should be in contact with you to start the renewal process.  If no one has spoken to you before the 30 day reminder arrives please speak to your child's section leader, the Group Scout Leader (ku.gro.stuocsmahgnisneh@lsg) or email ku.gro.stuocsmahgnisneh@ofni

The process is the same as your original DBS check, but you don't need to complete another Adult Information Form.  However, please let us know if your address, email address or phone number have changed as we'll need to update those on Compass (The Scouts' adult membership system) before we start your renewal.


I'm sure that my DBS check is due for renewal, but I haven't had an email.

This possibly means that your email address isn't recorded on Compass (The Scouts' adult membership system).  Don't worry, our Group Scout Leader also gets notified about DBS checks that are due for renewal and will make sure one of the team gets in touch with you.

If you want to check when you DBS check expires, email ku.gro.stuocsmahgnisneh@lsg or ku.gro.stuocsmahgnisneh@ofni and we'll check for you.


I don't have access to a computer, what can I do?

Don't worry, we'll arrange a mutually convenient time to meet with you and complete the whole DBS application in one go.


I already have a DBS check for another organisation – can I use that for Scouting?

Unfortunately not, all volunteers are required to have a DBS check specifically for Scouting. 

If you've had a DBS check done for another role within Scouting, or with a different Scout Group/District, please speak to your child's section leader or the Group Scout Leader.

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