Frequently Asked Questions

General questions & joining

This section of FAQs is primarily aimed for youth members who are considering joining us.  If you'd like to join us as an adult, then please look at our volunteering page.


Can girls join?

Short answer - yes!  We welcome anyone who wants to take part in our programme, all of our sections are co-educational and we have a mixed leadership team. 


Can I move to 1st Hensingham from another Group ?

Providing we have space in the section you want to join, yes - we'd love to welcome you!  However, we would also encourage you to talk to your current Group about why you want to move to us.


How can I join?

Send us an email via the Contact page and one our leaders will get in touch to confirm the availability of places and agree when would be a good time to start.  


What if there aren't any places available?

With two meetings every week for each of our sections, it's rare that we're completely full.  However some nights of the week tend to be more popular than others and it's possible that we don't have places available on your preferred night.  If this happens and you can't attend our other meetings, we'll put you on our waiting list.  We'll also offer to put you in touch with other local Scout groups who we know have places available.


I want to join but I'm not old enough yet!

If you're within 12-18 months of being old enough to join, please contact us and we'll put you on our "joining list."  One of our team will contact you closer to your bithday.


What happens when I come for my first meeting? 

When you come along to your first meeting, we'll introduce you to the leaders and the rest of the section. 

You should attend in comfortable activity clothes; if you need to bring anything specific we'll let you know.


When will I be invested?

Your first few weeks with us are a chance for you "try us out" and see if you enjoy Scouting - although we're pretty sure you will!  During this time we'll also talk to you about ordering uniform and get you ready to make your Promise - you'll normally do this around 6 weeks after you first start.


Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes, Scouting is a uniformed organisation and our uniform is part of who we are.  If you have specific concerns about uniform, please speak to your section leader.

You can find more information about uniform on each of the individual section pages.

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