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Restarting outdoor activities for Cubs (Yellow readiness level)

This page was last updated on 5 September 2021. 

The changes from the last version, published on 16 April 2021, reflect revisions to our risk assessment following changes to the Covid-19 "readiness level" for youth activities and associated guidance.


This page explains the steps we’re taking to run face-to-face scouting in a Covid-safe way.  Following changes to National coronavirus restrictions, and updated guidance from the National Youth Agency and The Scouts HQ, over the summer we have revised our risk assessment and arrangements for meetings.

Please be aware that there may be differences between what we do at Cubs, and what is happening at other activities (e.g. sports clubs) or at school.  This is because we are following the guidance issued by The Scouts HQ which is aligned with the guidance issued by the National Youth Agency and this is separate to the guidance controlling sports activities and educational settings.

The information on this page specifically relates to meetings and activities held outdoors.

Parents/carers, please discuss the arrangements on this page with your child to make sure that they understand the steps we're taking and know what they need to do to help us keep Cubs safe for everyone.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Arriving and departing

Cubs should not attend face-to-face activities if:

  • they have Covid-19 symptoms, or 
  • they have received a positive PCR test result for Covid-19, or
  • they have are waiting for a PCR test result following a positive lateral flow test result, or
  • they have been instructed to self-isolate.

For meetings at Hensingham School, Cubs should not be dropped-off before 1905.  Cubs should be dropped off and picked up at the gate into lower playground (follow the path from the lower car park).  If parents need to speak to a leader, please wait by the gate and one of the leaders will come to you.

For meetings and activities held away from the school, we’ll let you know what the arrangements are for drop-off/pick-up.

Reducing the risk of spreading the virus

We will plan outdoor activities and games to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.  Although recognising that the virus is primarily spread through aerosol, we will still be taking steps to manage the spread of the virus through contact with equipment and surfaces.  As part of this Cubs will still be asked to wash/sanitise their hands on arrival and throughout the meeting.

If leaders need to give first aid requiring close contact, we will wear disposable face masks.  If possible, we will ask the injured person to wear a mask unless that is going to cause them significant distress. 

We will be maintaining a register of who attends which meeting.  We will provide NHS Test and Trace with contact details of those present using the information stored in OSM, if we are requested to do so.

Toilet facilities

Please make sure that you use the toilet before coming to Cub meetings.

For meetings at Hensingham School during term time, we will have access to a toilet inside the school.  Explorer Scout Young Leaders and adults will be asked to wear face coverings whilst using toilet facilities inside the school, Cubs will not.

For meetings held away from the school we will use public toilets where we can, otherwise there may be no toilet facilities.  Unless they are well ventilated, Explorer Scout Young Leaders and adults will be asked to wear face coverings whilst using public toilet facilities, Cubs will not.

What to bring

Please ensure that all personal items are clearly labelled with the Cub's name.

Cubs should bring:

  • a bag for items such as coats, drinks bottles, etc.   
  • a bottle of non-fizzy drink,
  • a warm layer (e.g. fleece or hoody),
  • a waterproof coat, 
  • waterproof trousers. 

For autumn/winter meetings, Cubs should also bring:

  • a torch (we'd recommend a head torch to keep both hands free),
  • a warm hat,
  • a pair of warm gloves.

Other arrangements

Please check your emails as we may have to cancel meetings at short notice; for example, if leaders are not available, or in response to poor weather.

Please make sure that your contact information and other details are up to date in OSM.

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