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Core ages: 6 - 8
When we meet: Monday & Tuesday evenings
Where we meet: Hensingham Primary School
Subs: £35 per term (charged as two half-termly payments of £17.50)
Email: ku.gro.stuocsmahgnisneh@srevaeb

Beavers is the start of the Scouting adventure for many of our members, you can join us around your sixth birthday.  At Beavers we introduce you to the fun and excitement of Scouting, so you might be finding out about maps one week, or learning about Scouting in a different country the next. You'll also get to escape Mum and Dad at a nights away event - it might be a themed sleep over or you might be spending your first night in a tent sharing the excitement with the rest of your friends from Beavers.

As well as your normal meetings and camps to look forward to, there are also days out to keep you busy.  Sometimes you'll just be going with other Beavers from 1st Hensingham, or you might get to make new friends on trips with other Beavers from our District or County.  There will even be chances to do activities with the Cubs and Scouts so you can see what exciting adventures are waiting for you when you move up!

When you join, you'll be part of one of our two Beaver Colonies which meet on either Monday or Tuesday evenings during term time.  

During your first few weeks with us you'll get to try out some of the activities we do and get to know the leaders and the rest of your colony.  We'll also talk to you about making your promise and uniform so that you're ready to be invested.

Interested in joining? Get in touch with us via the contact form!  


The Beaver promise 

When you make your promise you're joining a worldwide family of over 50 million people in over 200 countries and territories. There are different versions of the promise to reflect Beavers' different religious beliefs:

For members who are Atheist, Humanist or of no faith background:

I promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and to love our world.

For members who are Buddhist:

I promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and to act with love towards everyone.

For members who are Christian or Jewish:

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love God

For members who are Hindu:

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love the world.   

For members who are Muslim:

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love Allah

For members who are Sikh:

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love Waheguru. 



Beaver uniform is comfy, practical and it gives you somewhere to show off all the badges that you'll earn.

The core Beaver uniform consists of a blue sweatshirt and our group necker (scarf).  Different Scout groups have different coloured neckers to help tell them apart, our necker is purple with a black border.  As well as our core uniform there are also optional items of uniform including the Beavers polo shirt and baseball cap, and navy blue Scout activity trousers. 

To order uniform, please speak to your section leader; for information about sizes and pricing, please download a copy of our Beaver uniform order form.   

You may also see some of our members wearing a black 1st Hensingham hoody - we get these made to order a couple of times a year. 



Trying new things is big part of being a Beaver, and by getting stuck in and trying new activities and embracing new experiences you'll have the chance to earn loads of badges. 

There are two main types of badges, challenge awards and activity badges - you'll get the chance to earn both by taking part in weekly meetings and going on camps.  You might also be able to complete some of the badges at home - but if you want to do this please talk to your section leaders first.  You can find out more about what the different badges are and how to earn them, and where to put them on your uniform by clicking on the links below (please note these links will take you to The Scouts HQ website):


Challenge badges


Activity badges

uniform outline.jpg

Badge placement


Leadership team

Beavers is led by a team of adult volunteers supported by our Explorer Scout young leaders.  From time to time we may ask for extra help from parents, or you may see leaders from other sections popping in to helping out.  We're always keen to welcome new volunteers to the team - you can find out more here




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